Specifically control appliances

Smart Energy Logics and Devices

With the help of Smart Energy Logics, various conditions can be defined for when an additional load is to be activated, for example at a certain surplus level. Different devices are available to physically switch on the appliances. Depending on the specific purpose, the Solar-Log™'s potential-free internal relay, a Smart Plug, the Smart Relay Box or the Smart Relay Station can be used. An appliance can be controlled directly via the internal relay of the Solar-Log™. The Smart Relay Box provides eight additional relays for the data logger to use. The Smart Relay Station can be switched up to three appliances on and off directly; it also records their consumption from these appliances via an internal meter.

The Solar-Log™ Smart Relay Box

  • Is equipped with potential-free contacts, e.g. for heat pumps (SG Ready).
  • Is connected to the Solar-Log™ via RS485.
  • Is well-suited in combination with load relays to control motors, pumps and ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

The Solar-Log™ Smart Relay Station

  • Is equipped with 3 relays to directly switch loads up to 16A/230V.
  • Receives a response with the consumption values from each individual relay.
  • Is connected to the Solar-Log™ via Ethernet.