Efficiency while Charging

Solar-Log™ & Charging Station E-Mobility

Solar-Log™ is compatible with Keba Power Charging Stations via Ethernet. This allows self-produced photovoltaic energy to be optimally used in connection with an electric cars. Electric cars can be more efficiently charged with PV energy with the current limiting function. The Keba Charging Station can be used to charge electric cars from a wide range of manufacturers.

Key advantages for plant owners

  • When there is a photovoltaic energy surplus, the Solar-Log™ informs the KEBA charging station
  • This ensures that the electric car always reaches its minimum charge even when no PV energy surplus is available.
  • The Solar-Log™ can detect charging station malfunctions.
  • The Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ records and visualizes the charging processes for electric cars.

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