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Solar-Log™ Smart Relay Box

Solar-Log™ Smart Relay Station

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Solar-Log™ Smart Relay Box

The Solar-Log™ Smart Relay Box comes with 8 relay outputs. The outputs allow devices to be switched on directly or also to be adjusted in different levels according to the PV production. Only one free RS485 connection needs to be defined.

Technical data
Outputs8 relays (30 V / 1 A to 230 V / 250 mA),
4 of which are alternating relays
Rated operating voltage10 -24 V
CompatibilitySolar-Log 300, 1200, 1900 and 2000
Warranty1 year

Solar-Log™ Smart Relay Station

The potential-free relays of the Solar-Log™ Smart Relay Station are suited for the control of motors and pumps as well as ventilation, drying and air-conditioning systems –appliances for which the time of day that they consume power can flexibly adjusted The Solar-Log™ receives a response with the consumption values from each individual relay.

The communication between the Solar-Log™ Smart Relay Station and the Solar-Log™ takes places via a network interface RJ45 (TCP/IP). The Solar-Log™ Smart Relay Station offers additional connection options, 3 x 3.5 kW. With the Solar-Log™ up to 10 appliances can be controlled, i.e. 3 x 3 plus one appliance.

Technical data3 x 3.5 kW
Maximum load3 x 3680 W
Relay outputs3 individual potential-free
switch outputs
Switching voltage230 V AC, 16 A / 24 V DC
Consumption measurementPer switch channel
Power supply12 V power supply
Control TCP/IP,  button on the device
CompatibilitySolar-Log 300, 1200, 1900 and 2000
Warranty 2 Years
Article number255755

The Gude Export Net Control 2301 - 4 relays, Gude Export Net Control 2104 - 1 relay output and Gude Export Net Control 2110 - 4 relay outputs are compatible with the Solar-Log 300, 1200, 1900 and 2000. More information about these products can be found at