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For O&M services and project planners

We take care of the planning of the monitoring for you

Different locations for individual inverters and meters, remote grid feed-in points and long cable runs make the planning and monitoring of a PV plant a challenging task.

We will take care of your questions about a grid access plan

The Solar-Log™ PM Package is a single system to implement the various requirements with minimum effort. Solar-Log™ is able to implement individual technical and operational requirements for grid access in a practical way.

Our specialists from the project department would pleased to help you with

  • the selection of the right components
  • the preparation of individual cable diagrams
  • the implementation of the grid operator's technical and operational requirements
  • the development of solution packages for the PV plant

Solar-Log™ - Your Strong Partner with Intelligent Solutions

All-round Talent for Photovoltaic

Solar-Log™ is the leading inverter-independent, energy management system. In addition to professional monitoring of photovoltaic plants with only a single inverter, Solar-Log™ can also monitor industrial operations and solar power stations with up to 100 inverters. Solar-Log™ also offers many more useful functions.

Solar-Log™ is compatible with over 2,300 inverter models and with more than 130 different component manufacturers. Please check out our Component Database for more details.

Depending on the model, individual and legal requirements, intelligent control and prioritization of self-consumption of energy can be implemented.

Residential or Industrial Photovoltaic Plants

The perfect Solar-Log™ for every plant size

Solar-Log 300

For small PV plants
Expansion licence available
to 30 kWp

Solar-Log 1200

For small and medium-sized
PV plants
Expansion licence available
to 250 kWp

Solar-Log 2000

For solar power stations
and large-scale PV plants

For perfect customer care

Solar-Log WEB Enerest™

The Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ online portal provides you, as installers and service providers, a central control element to monitor your customers' photovoltaic plants. A precise classification within the function classes and plant sizes provides you the option to offer tailored solutions. This "Full-Service" maintenance concept provides you the option to offer your customers certainty, optimal plant maintenance and easy online access to all of the yield and plant data. Learn more about Solar-Log WEB Enerest™.

Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ provides Centralized and concise plant monitoring, including a logbook and ticketing system. These tools reduce the daily plant inspection of all components to a single step. In case of malfunctions, one can intervene immediately if needed.