Environmentally Conscious and Efficient

31. January 2018

Las Salinas is a resort complex in Enfeh, on the north coast of Lebanon. With an area of 1,000 sqm and an overwhelming view of the sea, Las Salinas is the perfect place for leisure travelers, family vacationers and water sports enthusiasts.

Driven by environmental awareness in combination with economic activity, the organization has decided to generate electrical power from the sun.
The PV system with a rated output of 265 kWp ensures that the entire resort system is supplied with a high level of PV energy. A professional Solar-Log™ Energy Management System from Solare Datensysteme GmbH is in use to detect problems around the plant at an early stage and to regulate the self-consumption efficiently. Longer failures of the PV system, caused by faults, can be prevented with the Solar-Log™ solution. In addition, it is also possible to make perfect use of the self-produced power by the company itself.

As there are frequent grid failures at this location, diesel generators are used to bridge the gap. A power management system consisting of the Solar-Log™ energy management system and an individual PLC solution (programmable logic controller) coordinates the cooperation between the PV system and the diesel generator. This ensures optimal use of both systems in case of network problems.

The plant was installed by ECOsys, a renowned Lebanese company that offers intelligent solutions in the field of renewable energy.
The financing was provided by the Lebanese Central Bank (BLF) with its national financing mechanism "NEEREA" (National Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Action). This mechanism has been set up specifically to support renewable energy projects in Lebanon.

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