Safeguard your investment

Select the right insurance

A photovoltaic insurance policy should cover

  • fire, lightning, overvoltage from lightning strikes
  • storms, hail
  • natural hazards such as snow pressure and avalanches
  • theft
  • operating errors
  • short circuiting
  • water, frost
  • animals biting the cables to at least 1000 Euro
  • loss of earnings
  • gross negligence to at least 2500 Euro

Numerous factors could negatively influence the operation of a photovoltaic plant and could lead to a reduction or, in the worst case, to complete yield losses. Solar-Log™ detects reduced yields at an early stage, thus safeguarding your investment Disturbances are recognized right away and immediately reported before they can result in huge financial losses.
Protect your PV plant with a well-thought-out protection concept and the right insurance policy before any damages occur.

Both of these options are available for you

  • Addition to your existing household and homeowners' insurance policy
  • A separate policy with another insurance provider

*The above info is for reference only and subject to policy with insurance provider.

Usually, insurance only covers damage from a direct lightning strike.

That's good to know!

The basic coverage of household and homeowners' insurance policies includes coverage for lightning strikes directly on the premises. Extra policies are needed to cover surge damages caused by indirect lightning strikes, e.g. surges via the power lines. New insurance policies already contain such clauses, but often with high compensation limits. Make sure that the coverage is sufficient; do not forget to calculate the cost of your expensive devices, such as TVs, stereos, computers and, of course, your PV plant. By the way, are you familiar with our Solar-Log™ overvoltage protection?