Monitoring System: Solar-Log 2000

The PV system is the largest private PV system in Lebanon. It includes 1,704 panels covering a surface of 4,000 m2, which will be able to deliver 450 kW for a yearly produce of 621 MWh of power.

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Plant monitoring:

5 x Solar-Log 1200 + Solar-Log™ WEB

The largest PV plant in Australia that has ever been installed on the roof of a school was installed by Enervest.

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Global transition to alternative energy sources:

Using the Sun to Replace Diesel

Photovoltaic plants are already an integral part of energy production in many industrialized countries. This technology is only slowly establishing itself in the developing regions of the world. One of the first steps to provide electricity from renewable energy resources has been initiated by BIOHAUS-Stiftung from Willi Ernest with the project "Solar beats Diesel."

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PV plant with Solar-Log™ PM Box

The Solar-Log™ PM Box (EMS – Export Management System)  provides additional options for the Solar-Log™ in regard to independent safety functions and compliance in the area of power management and feed-in limitation requirements. The ONIX spa in Kosovo benefits from this function.

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Plant with 2 CHPs and a Solar-Log 2000

The Solar-Log™ can manage each CHP based on power needs instead of heat needs. This allows the CHP to be operated during the summer months when the power needs reach the threshold defined in the Solar-Log™.

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Plant monitoring: Solar-Log 1200 + INEPRO 1250

Monitoring of the almost 100 SunPower™ modules with a total of about 32 kWp is done with a Solar-Log 1200 connected to the Solar-Log™ WEB "Commercial Edition" portal.

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The PV plant was installed especially for training

The PV Training Center was founded by ADLER Solar, a leading full service provider in the solar industry. The project has been implemented within the framework of the Renewable Energy Solutions Program that is coordinated by Deutsche Energie Agentur (dena).

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Solar-Log™ avoided losses by detecting a malfunction

Losses for the plant owner could be avoided with Solar-Log™: The plant seems working properly with no inverter error; the generation from power meter also looks well before installed Solar-Log™.

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Monitoring System: Solar-Log® Commercial Revenue Grade Meter

As part of their responsibility to supply a leading-edge solar PV solution, Frankensolar selected the Solar-Log® monitoring for the real-time visualization and control needed.

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