Detecting errors professionally and determining the cause...

26. July 2017

This motto brings together Solare Datensysteme GmbH (SDS), manufacturer of the Solar-Log™ energy management system, and Solarzentrum Stuttgart. This cooperation allows PV module errors to be detected in a continuous process, thoroughly analyzed and reliably resolved.

Solar-Log™ is the leader when it comes to monitoring PV plants and error detection. In addition, Solar-Log™ can flexibly regulate the amount of energy fed into the power grid and intelligently control and prioritize the self-consumption of power.

Solarzentrum Stuttgart is a leading company in examining PV modules for hidden damage – directly after delivery, upon acceptance of the delivery, in the event of an insurance claim or before the warranty period ends: with special technology, problems associated with PV modules, e.g. manufacturing defects, hail damages and glass breakage, can be thoroughly analyzed and reliably resolved – also pin pointing the cause of the problem.

The cooperation between SDS and Solarzentrum Stuttgart optimizes the entire process, from PV module error detection to troubleshooting.

Solar-Log™ detects errors at a PV plant immediately and informs the plant operator about the malfunction and/or yield losses. If the contracted installer cannot find any faults with the PV plant, Solarzentrum Stuttgart can analyze the plant and identify defective modules.

Solarzentrum Stuttgart is equipped with innovative measurement technology to optically inspect solar cells and modules with electroluminescence and photoluminescence.